Wonder What’s Keeping Them?

Nighthawk by Esther Bubley
Nighthawk by Esther Bubley

Wonder What’s Keeping Them?

Should manage to finish this cigarette before they arrive, probably some law against me having one in their car. Surprised they’re not here yet. Wonder what’s keeping them? Could be the traffic. It can be a nightmare this time of the morning.

Have I got time for a coffee?

The girl behind the counter keeps looking at me, probably wondering what I’m up to. I keep wondering that myself.

What shall I tell them when they get here? Suppose I might turn on the tears, say it was all a horrible mistake. I didn’t mean to do it. He attacked me first.

Not true of course. I knew exactly what was happening, known for weeks. Just been waiting for the right moment. Should’ve guessed it would be today, my birthday.

Wonder what’s keeping them? Thought they would’ve been here ages ago. Surely somebody must have found his body by now.


A story for Sunday Picture Press



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