Is It a Bird, Is It a Plane?

babybuggyIs It A Bird, Is It A Plane?

“I could do with a little help here guys.”

“Sorry Sis, what did you say?”

“What is it with you two? Here we are on the most exciting adventure of our lives and you two decide to leave everything to me. Typical.”

“OK Sis, whatever you say.”

“I don’t know why I bother. If I’d left it to you two we would still be at home with that creep of a man who mum plans on marrying. Is that what you both want? Well, is it Michael?”

“Sorry Sis, what was that?”

“I might as well talk to myself. What is it with boys, why don’t they ever listen? I was saying Michael, do you want mum to marry that idiot and for him to be our new dad? Of course you don’t. That’s why we’re running away. We would be further on if you two hadn’t left  me to back all our belongings in the old pram all by myself. Just don’t blame me if, when we get there, your favourite toy or Ben’s old teddy are missing. Michael are you listening to me?”

“Yes Sis, course I am.”

“As soon as I’ve finished what I’m doing we need to be on our way. Mum will have found that note I left and will come looking for us soon. I just hope she doesn’t bring that new boyfriend of hers. I know you quite liked him Michael but that’s just because you’re not old enough to see what he’s really like. I was suspicious when mum said he was called Clarke, I mean who do you know with a daft name like Clarke? As for that story about him being a reporter I reckon he just made that up to try to impress mum. But what I found really creepy  was that blue costume with a big ‘S’ sewn on the front he used to dress up in when he thought nobody was looking. ‘S’ for ‘Sucker’ if you ask me

“Sis, I think you need to take a look at this.”

“Not now Michael. I haven’t got time. Just grab your brother and we can get going again. What’s he doing any way?”

“He’s just looking up at the sky Sis.”

“Why? What’s so interesting up there?”

“Well Sis, there’s a guy in a blue costume, with a big ‘S’ sewn on the front and he’s flying this way. What’s more he’s got our mum in his arms and she don’t look happy.”



  1. Andy

    I teach Literature. I am working on showing my students the power of dialogue. Mind if I have them look at your blog to read some of these great examples?


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