I’m Off. Who’s Coming?


“Get off my back! Stop screaming at me like that! What’s the matter with you? It’s not my fault we had to up roots and leave. Seems some of you are too quick to forget what was happening to us back there.

You forgotten what they did to Big Brenda? It was a harrowing time for us all. Don’t know about you but I can still see the look on her face when they started on her with their chain saws. I can still hear her piercing screams. Then, when she fell, I can still see them leaping on her, hacking her to pieces. Remember? Don’t none of you have the dreams I have?

If we hadn’t left, we’d have been next. They wanted us out to make room for more of their precious homes. The fact it was our land and we’ve been there for hundreds of years meant nothing to them. Nothing we could do was ever going to stop them. And it’s no good you going on about us being enchanted. People don’t care. The magic has all gone. Nobody believes any more.

So I’m off to find somewhere quiet. Some place well away from those mad humans. You can follow me if you like or you can go back. Take your chances. The choice is yours.”



  1. EagleAye

    Ha! I really like this. The picture really does look one tree delivering a warning to the other ones. This story fits the prompt perfectly. It’s a clever and fun story. I truly enjoyed this. 🙂


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