Winter’s Secret


Must admit, the thaw’s come sooner than expected. Caught me by surprise a bit, but I’ll manage. Was hoping the big freeze would go on for a few more weeks. Would’ve given me a bit more breathing space. Still, I reckon I’m ready. The village pond should be clear of ice by this time tomorrow. That’s when they’ll find her body. Bound to come knocking on my door, considering who she is. Course, they won’t find any traces of her here, not now. As for an alibi, mine’s watertight. You’d expect that though, considering I know exactly when she died.


A 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers


  1. Nan Falkner

    Dear Mike, Wow, you are good at this! Great story and utterly creepy. I’m glad he has an airtight alibi – but then, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Just waiting for the spring thaw? Awesome. Nan 🙂


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