Look Who’s Coming To Dinner

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Don’t know why I do it. Same date every year I set the table for four places for dinner. Me, Susie, Jake and Kirsty. I’m the only one who turns up. Not surprising really, all things considered. I know Jake’s not coming. How can he? I shot him five years ago when I found him in bed with my wife. My best friend he was. Now he’s buried in the cellar, under a rack of his favourite red wine. Susie, my dear wife, is right alongside him. And Kirsty? Poor old Kirsty. Just chose the wrong time to come visiting.



  1. ELise Sńokiœ Chong

    This is an interesting story.
    I’m currently doing a Systemic Functional Grammar analysis on your flash fiction. If it is not due to the word count, how would you expand the contractions and ellipses?
    Especially for this sentence fragment: ‘And Kirsty?’
    Would it be ‘And how about Kirsty?’ or ‘And where is Kirsty?’



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