Anybody Want To Play Ball?

5162677765_0751dc8aff_z“What do you mean, ‘He fell through the hole’. What hole?”

“You know dear, the one left by that beanstalk.”

“Is he hurt? Where is he?”

“He’s fine dear. Playing in the water with some new friends. You’ve got to stop fussing over him like you do.”

“You stupid man! Have you any idea what damage he could do down there? Then there’s the authorities. Look at the trouble you got into last time.”

“But that wasn’t my fault. That song was a joke. I wasn’t really going to grind anybody’s bones for bread. I wouldn’t do that.”

“I know that, you big lump, but it still took a lot of explaining to them inspectors from the Giants, Trolls and Goblins Commission. What are they going to say when they hear you’ve let your son loose on a load of humans? Get him back up immediately. Tea’s in ten minutes.”




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