The Penultimate Straw

tumblr_m70o0p3T5g1qi3vlco1_500I could feel the sweat running down the back of my neck, it was my turn next. There were just two of us left. My pick would be the penultimate straw.

I took another look at the two straws clutched firmly in Jimmy’s hand. Left or right, which one should I choose? This was one of those moments in life. Get this right and I’d be safe, get it wrong and … well we all knew what lay in store for the person who chose the short straw.

I stared up at Jimmy, he looked so calm. Don’t know why? At least I had a choice. If I got it right then he’d be scuppered, left with that life changing straw.

Right, I’ll go for the one on the right. My hand moved forward. Now was the time, can’t keep them waiting. At the last moment I change my mind and take the one on the left. I look at it. Jimmy opens his clenched hand, looks at his straw. I’ve got the short one.

“Go on then,” said one of them behind me, “You know what we agreed. You’re the one who has to go through the door.”

There were hesitant murmurs of agreement. As I stepped forward, they all took two steps back. As I took hold of the door handle there was a low growl from within. There was no turning back now.


A story for Inspiration Monday



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