The Poetry Pound Shop

Poetry Pound Shop.001For those of you out there who may be teachers, or know teachers or are maybe involved in home schooling, the following may be of interest to you.

Keeping Out Of Mischief In Retirement

I’ve recently teamed up with another retired educationalist and between us we are having fun pooling our many years of experience and expertise and creating resources for teachers.

My partner in crime, David Horner, worked for many years in schools across the UK and abroad delivering poetry workshops for children and teachers. We have come up with a way of him continuing to do that but without having to give up the comforts of retirement.


First we came up with a name for ourselves – ‘Goodeyedeers’. This came about after a couple of hours of painful brainstorming and too many cups of coffee. Neither of us liked the idea to start with us – which is probably why it has grown on us.

Goodeyedeers logo.001

TES Resources

The TES has always been a good place for teachers to find useful resources and also share ideas with colleagues. Recently they have started allowing teachers to charge for the resources they share. This prompted David and I to use this as the vehicle to get our ideas out into the wider world.

The Poetry Pound Shop

We have decided that all our resource packages will be priced at just £1. While this is never going to make us a fortune and the annual world cruise may have to stay on hold, but we do remember (just about) what it’s like to be an impoverished, overworked, young teacher!

Our Resources

We are slowly beginning to build up our portfolio and are presently working on two packages:

  • PowerPoint presentations to be used in the classroom + Teachers’ Notes with lots of follow up activities.
Tongue Twisters TES Resources
Tongue Twisters TES Resources
  • A short animated film (a bit like this one) of David reading one of his poems + Teachers’ Notes with lots of follow up activities.

We think they are great fun – but then we are slightly biased!

So, What Next?

We are going to continue to create these resources. With a combined 75+ years of working in schools with children and teachers, we’re not short of ideas!

If you would like to know more then visit our blog, follow us on Twitter – @goodeyedeers, check us out on TES, leave a comment here and tell your friends. Many thanks.

I look forward to reading your comments

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