Great Poets – Great Ideas

Melinda Mae by Shel Silverstein
Melinda Mae by Shel Silverstein

What’s This?

I am currently collaborating with the children’s poet, David Horner and between us we are creating resources for teachers to use with their young writers.

Every now and again I shall post ideas on my blog that you, or someone you know, might want to work with. These are ideas that David has tried and tested in many schools.

Shel Silverstein

For over 30 years Shel Silverstein was Mr Children’s Poetry in the United States, where his books sold in their millions. What marks his work out is that as well as writing the poems, he illustrated them, thus giving the pages of his books a wonderfully complete feel.

Check out some of his books, including, A light In the Attic, Falling Up and his last one, Where The Sidewalk Ends

It’s also worth looking at the Shel Silverstein web page where there a number of learning resources you can download. I particularly liked some of his simple animations.


David’s Ideas 

Have a look at this poem- ‘If The World Was Crazy’ – taken from Shel Silverstein’s book, Where The Sidewalk Ends. Then David has some ideas on how you might make use of this poem in your classroom.

If the world was crazy, you know what I’d eat?
A big slice of soup and a whole quart of meat,
A lemonade sandwich, and then I might try
Some roasted ice cream or a bicycle pie,
A nice notebook salad, an underwear roast,
An omelet of hats and some crisp cardboard toast,
A thick malted milk made from pencils and daisies,
And that’s what I’d eat if the world was crazy

If the world was crazy, you know what I’d wear?
A chocolate suit and a tie of eclair,
Some marshmallow earmuffs, some licorice shoes,
And I’d read a paper of peppermint news.
I’d call the boys “Suzy” and I’d call the girls “Harry”,
I’d talk through my ears, and I’d always carry
A paper umbrella for when it grew hazy
To keep in the rain, if the world was crazy.

If the world was crazy, you know what I’d do?
I’d walk on the ocean and swim in my shoe,
I’d fly through the ground and I’d skip through the air,
I’d run down the bathtub and bathe on the stair.
When I met somebody I’d say “G’bye, Joe”,
And when I was leaving – then I’d say “Hello”,
And the greatest of men would be silly and lazy
So I would be king … if the world was crazy

I‘d fly on my duvet and sleep in my shoe
I’d run under water and float in the air
I’d climb up the bathtub and wash on the stair

A motor car of chocolate
A bobble hat knitted from daydreams

Have fun and let us know how you got on in your Crazy World!

I look forward to reading your comments

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