When Will It Rain Again?

Photo Prompt – © Santoshwriter
Photo Prompt – © Santoshwriter

“What’s that, Jones?”

“A picture, sir. We found it hidden amongst the old man’s belongings. According to the computer’s archives, it’s a photo of a plant. Apparently, our planet was once full of them. And the droplets on the leaf, sir … something called rain. Seems it fell quite naturally at one time.”

“Really! What about the old man?”

“One of these ‘old world’ agitators, sir. We’re presently cleansing his mind before we put him back into society.”

“Excellent! And Jones … destroy the picture. Last thing we want is people getting strange ideas about where their water comes from.”


100-word story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt.


  1. elmowrites

    Ooh, very ominous. I like how much you have allowed your characters to take their way of life for granted. I’d suggest a comma in the first line, before “Jones” to show it is an address.
    Like others, I’m glad we still live in a world of rain.


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