The Voice

Don’t think you’re fooling me. I know what you’re all up to. The voice told me this would happen, warned me to be on my guard against you and you’re like. I’m ready, I’m telling you, you ain’t taking me without a fight. What’s that voice? What’s that you’re saying?

‘Satan’s streets seething with sinister secrets.’

Yeah, I got that one. I’m ready. Look at them, the bastards. Laughing at me behind their hands, thinking I don’t know what they’re up to, but I do. The voice tells me what they’re saying, he tells me everything. He keeps me safe.

‘Wild women, wistfully watching, waiting for you to make the wrong move.’

I see them voice! God they’re everywhere, surrounding me, getting closer. It’s hard to breathe. I can feel their hands stretching out, their claws tearing at my skin. Help me voice, I’m not sure I can hold them off.

‘Beware the beauty in black.’

Got her voice! In the crowd, laughing, taking photos. Don’t let her see me, please God, don’t let her see me. She’s coming this way, camera flashing, people smiling. Her camera’s pointing straight at me, the lens peering into my heart. Then she’s gone, disappeared into the crowd.

‘Snapshot snatched your soul.’

What’s that voice? Hell, she’s got my soul. What am I going to do? I’m finished, done for. Help me voice, for pity’s sake, tell me what to do.

‘Bring me her broken, bloodied body.’




  1. Suzanne

    Yikes. I think you win the prize for the most twisted use of alliteration. Great piece, Mike! I love how frenetic the narrator sounds – and how nicely the alliterative voice contrasts with that.


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