Some ‘Goodeyedeers’

deerA change from my normal posts – this one is ‘about writing stories’ rather than an actual story.

A fellow retired educator and I have been creating resources for teachers and putting them on TES Resources (both for UK and USA teachers) under the name ‘Goodeyedeers’. Our latest is a booklet for children with a variety of writing prompts in it.

Here is an example page about writing Etheree Poems. Don’t know what an Ethereee Poem is? Then read on.


By the time the booklet is finished the writer will have – 12 Shapely Poems,
4 Twitter Stories, 1 Dazzling Drabble, 6 Baker’s Dozen, 1 New Fairy Tale,
1 Dictionary Story, 4 Useful Lists

Even though it has been put together with 9-13 year olds in mind it is nevertheless something that might appeal to all ages of writers. I tried it out with my Writing Group recently and they loved it.


I look forward to reading your comments

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