Visiting Time

“Are you warm enough Dad?”

I need to say something.
Anything to help the minutes tick by. 

You smile.

“What about a drink Dad?
A cup of tea?” 

I desperately try to fill that awkward silence. 

I know you won’t reply.
You never do. 

We sit there.
Saying nothing. 

You smile. 

“I’m off then Dad.”

A sense of relief.
My duty done for another day.
You don’t even notice I’m going.

You smile

I wave goodbye, for convention’s sake.
But it doesn’t mean anything.
Not anymore. 

You smile.

But it’s not for me.
It’s merely something you do now.

Smile to hide your confusion and fear.

Mike Jackson


    1. Mike

      Many thanks for your comments. I hear more and more about how this tragic illness seems to be coming more prevalent. When it doesn’t affect you personally it is difficult to fully appreciate what other people have to cope with.


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