The Grey Man


Hey it wasn’t my fault! What was he doing in our neighbourhood anyway? Don’t get me wrong, us Yellows, we’re not snobs. It’s just … well you don’t see many of his sort round here. I bumped into him when I came out of the gym, in fact he tried to talk to me. I ignored him of course, who wouldn’t. I mean, come on, you never know who might be watching. What if one of the neighbours had seen me chatting with a Purple or someone from work? No, I wasn’t going to take the chance. Sure, he didn’t look too good, the colour was definitely fading from his face, but how was I know he was having a colour attack. Someone said that when the medics found him it was too late, he was completely grey. He’ll be a Grey now for the rest of his life, poor sod. I feel guilty, course I do. If I’d called the colour paramedics, chances are they could have saved him but how was I to know. Maybe I should’ve talked to him, offered him some help … but don’t forget he was only a Purple.



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