Our Santa

close up of a father christmas embracing a young woman

“Dad, our Sharon says there no such thing as Father Christmas. That’s not true, is it dad?”

“No Jimmy, Sharon’s just teasing you.”

“Dad, our Sharon says that last Christmas, when you were in prison, it was Uncle Peter who dressed up as Father Christmas and left me my presents. That’s not true, is it dad?”

“Course not Jimmy. Take no notice of Sharon. It was definitely Father Christmas.”

“I thought so dad. I told our Sharon that it was Father Christmas I saw mum kissing. She wouldn’t be kissing Uncle Peter, would she dad?”

“No more questions Jimmy, it’s Christmas Eve, time you were in bed.”

“Are you going to bed dad?”

“Not yet Jimmy. I’m going to sit here and wait for Father Christmas – then I’m going to break his bloody neck! Goodnight son.”

“Night, night dad.”



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