“It’s no good Billy. I’ve no idea what it is.”

“It’s an original Jimmy and only cost me £50. The bloke on the car park told me it’s the only one of it’s sort.”

“£50! You paid £50 for this glass of blue water!”

“Ah, but Jimmy this glass jar is uniquely special. This water has been changed and now has magical powers. One glass and I’ll be invincible. Look, I’ll prove it. I’ll drink some and then go and pick a fight with Teddy and his mates at the bar. Trust me, they won’t be able to hurt me.”

“That’s not a good idea Billy. Teddy Morgan is a nasty piece of work and those three blokes with him look even nastier. Why don’t you just go and get us another pint instead?”

But Billy wouldn’t listen. He drank a glass of his blue water and headed for the bar.

I’m off to the hospital to see him now. He can’t speak, what with his jaw all wired up but he scribbled me a note asking if I could bring him his glass jar. Said he didn’t want it left in the pub, what with it being so special.


A 200 word story for Sunday Photo Fiction (albeit a few days late!)


  1. Tara R.

    My grandfather was an avid gardener. He swore that by leaving out jars of blue water around the perimeter of his vegetable patch, it would keep rabbits away. I’m not sure his blue water worked any better than Billy’s


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