A Mixed Bag 2016


“Any idea where this place is?”

“Not yet boss, but I’ve got people working on it.”

“And you’re sure it’s the same as the others?”

“Forensics are checking, boss but it looks like it. Came in the mail this morning. Large white envelope, same as last time.  Different photo but same writing in the corner -‘A Mixed Bag 2016’.”

“Shit! You know what this means, don’t you Jones? The bastard is playing with us. What’s this, the third one this week?”

“Fourth, sir. First was a picture of scrap merchants place just out of town. We found a body, no arms, legs or head, in a large, black bin sack. The second, a photo of a disused warehouse. There we found two arms, which forensics have confirmed go with the torso we found. This time wrapped in a Next carrier bag. The third…”

“I know Jones. The third was the legs. This time he used a M&S carrier bag. And all of them with the same message scrawled in the corner. The press are having a field day. Already calling him the Bag Man Killer.”

“Sir. They’ve found the place and another bag.”

“The head?”

“No sir, another torso.”


A 200 word story for Sunday Photo Fiction


  1. CPP

    This is wonderful – love the oblique reference to the images past – and the “thrill of the hunt” – gives a new meaning to “looking for inspiration!” 😀


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