Thirteen Little Ducklings



Right children, I need to have a quick count, make sure we’re all here. Dorothy, keep still, there’s a good duckling and Robert, stop doing that to you brother you know he doesn’t like it. One… two… three… Roland dear, where are you going? What have I told you about wandering off by yourself? You have no idea what might be waiting to eat you around that corner. Don’t cry, Geraldine, there’s a dear. I didn’t mean to frighten you, I was just trying to get Roland to behave. Now, where was I? Four… five… six… What’s that Penelope? You’re hungry? Well just bob your head down in the water, like mummy showed you and have a little nibble. What’s that darling? You don’t like getting you face wet? Don’t worry sweetie pie, you’ll soon get used to it. Seven…eight… nine… ten… Jeremy, why are you floating backwards? What’s that you say? You’re having a rest. Well, you’ve had long enough now dear, best you start paddling again and keep up with the others. Eleven… twelve… thirteen. Oh dear we seem to have lost another two. Did anyone see what happened to Scarlet and William? What’s that Benjamin? You think it might have been that nasty heron? I think you might be right dear. Time we were moving on. Did any of you see where Roland went?


A story for this week’s prompt over at Sunday Photo Fiction



I look forward to reading your comments

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