A New Start


“How’s it going Jones?”

“Last ship just finished loading sir. All passengers accounted for. Should be leaving port in the next twenty minutes.”

“Progress elsewhere?”

“All the other ports and airports in the country have now closed sir. All those who were chosen to be saved are now safely away.”

“And the rest of the population?”

“Going about their daily lives as usual sir.”

“Poor sods. Are you sure they’ve no idea of what’s going to happen to them?”

“Quite sure sir. Even the monarchy and the majority of the government are unaware of our plans.”

“Thank God for that. When do you begin?”

“Once this final ship is away from land sir.  Our warplanes will criss-cross the country spraying the poison as instructed. At the same time all drinking water will be contaminated and all communications disabled. By midnight there will not be a living soul left anywhere in the UK.”

“Excellent! Call me when when it’s all over Jones, I’ll be in my quarters. We can then start the business of re-building this God forsaken country.”


A story for this week’s prompt from Sunday Photo Fiction.



  1. mandibelle16

    Sounds to me like the start of a dystopian society. Not to mention, why and how did this secret part of the government (I assume) get away with this? How can you choose to save only a few and leave so many to die. It’s not the individual people who are screw ups, it’s guys like the guy who says the poisoning of the water etc. is okay. Great story. Made me feel.


  2. wisewebwoman

    Excellent story – I give a workshop on dialogue tomorrow, could I please use this as a demo of excellent dialogue used sparingly and powerfully? I would give you credit of course 🙂


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