Big Ben, Big Bang

Photo provided by TJ Paris


“Made visual boss. He’s detached himself from the rest of the group. Stood on the slipway. Got something in his hand. Think it’s a phone.”

“Make sure he doesn’t clock you Peterson and whatever you do, don’t lose him. I’ll get a back up team down there as soon as I can.”

“He’s on the move boss. Heading my way. Shit! Boss, I think he’s seen me. He’s dropped the phone and is running back into town. Do you want me to stop him.”

“Leave him Peterson and get the phone. We need to know who he was calling.”

“Boss, it’s not a phone. Looks more like a detonator. There’s a clock on it counting down. Less than a minute to go.”

“Anything else on the thing Peterson?”

“Yes boss, a picture of what looks like the Houses of Parliament.”

“Bloddy hell!”


142 words

In response to this week’s prompt from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


  1. Priceless Joy

    Wow! Talk about tension build up! Appears the House of Parliment has less than a minute to exist. Great story, Mike! Welcome to the FFfAW challenge. Happy to have you participate. Hope to read more of your stories in the future.


  2. KatsuoK

    Ha, I love it! My mind effortlessly pictured this scene with ease (hence ‘effortlessly’, I guess) and it made me smile because it just worked so well – great writing, I’ll say it again, I love it 🙂


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