I Watch On


Photo from Pixabay

I watch on as another musical instrument was thrown on the fire. The authorities were once again flexing their muscles. Their agents stood amongst us, daring us to react. Nobody did. One wrong look or a single, uncontrolled tear, would have you bundled off in a black van never to be seen again.

From now on all music was to be tightly controlled. It would be created by government stooges on their fancy computers and then downloaded to our government approved players. Listening to it would be obligatory. All part of their plan to control us.

Last month had seen the burning of every book in the world. Next, it was rumoured, would be the destruction of all film material. Our past, our heritage, being slowly obliterated.

Emotionless, I watch on. Once I would have cared, would have fought back. Now I’m part of their latest experiment. A micro chip implanted in the centre of my brain. I no longer care about anything.


A 163 word story for this week’s prompt at FFfAW


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