Choices, Choices

For this week’s VisDare prompt I thought I would try something different. So, I’m writing an Etheree poem. An Etheree has a one syllable word for its first line, then two syllables for its second, three syllables  for line three and so on… In this example the first half of the poem goes up to ten syllables and the second half of the poem drops back down to one.


to choose from.
My darling wife,
a cheat and liar,
or maybe her lover,
found dead with her in my bed.
Neither very good at haunting.
Failed miserably on their last outing.
Too few rattles and not enough shrieking.
For this job I need someone with panache,
a skeleton with that evil streak.
A being whose long fingers
can reach deep inside you,
tearing at your heart.
Whom shall I choose?
My daughter
or my



I look forward to reading your comments

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