Photo Centres

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Uday, with the blog, Udayology.

“Gosh dad, so these places really existed?”

“That’s right son. Most of them have been knocked down but this one has been protected. A reminder of how bad things used to be.”

“Why was it called a photo centre dad?”

“It’s where people used to go in the olden days to have their photographs taken. I remember my father, your granddad, telling me all about it.”

“Did Granddad have his photo taken?”

“Yes he did but don’t tell your mum I told you. She gets upset if we talk about things like that.”

“Have you still go the photo dad? What does it look like?”

“No I don’t. It got lost in the great burnings when the Volgans took over the planet in ’63. They made us destroy all images and image taking devices. That’s why we no longer have any photos or videos.”

“What’s a video dad?”


A 150 word story for this week’s FFaW picture prompt.

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