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I think we’re ready gentlemen. Now remember, do your best to remain inconspicuous. We’re here to mingle with the guests, keep our eyes and ears open and see what we can learn. James, I want you to take the library. See what the Norwegian ambassador is up to. I’ll take the main room and try to find out what the President and our PM are talking about. They’ve been very friendly just recently, always a worrying sign. Gerald, old boy, I want you to position yourself by the buffet table, see what the gossip is among the staff. And Gerry old man, I know I said to dress casual but your dressing gown! A bit over the top old chap, if you don’t mind me saying. Pop by the cloakroom, see if you can pick up something a bit more suitable. Right chaps, off we go and good luck.


A story for this week’s prompt over at VisDare.


I look forward to reading your comments

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