“He’s there again boss. Young Jimmy Hargreaves. Sat on that same bench across the bay, looking straight at us.”

“Don’t be stupid Grimes. We’re on the 42nd floor. You’re just getting paranoid man. Now, have you sorted things?”

“Yes boss. I sent some of our people in to have a little chat with old man Hargreaves. Got him to change his mind. Seems he’s going to sell out to us after all.”

“Good news. I want the bulldozers in by the end of the day. The sooner we start that new development the sooner we start to make some money. Grimes! Are you listening to me?”

“Sorry boss. It’s just that chap on the bench. He’s stood up now and he’s got a piece of card in his hands. It’s got something written on it.”

“For God’s sake Grimes, what’s got in to you?”

“But boss, it says – BASTARDS! I’M COMING FOR YOU”






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