Moon Balloon


This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris.


“This is it Billy. This is what is going to make me and you famous my friend.”

“OK Jimmy. What exactly is it?”

“It’s a Moon Ballon, mate. It’ll take us into space. The bloke who sold it to me said it’s what Chinese astronauts use.”

“And how exactly does it work?”

“It’s dead easy. It’s even got some instructions. Look.”

“But Jimmy, they’re in Chinese.”

“Not a problem mate. The chap who sold it to me had a cousin who worked in a Chinese restaurant. According to him it just says we need a basket and a big gas bottle. The rest is self explanatory.”

“What we waiting for then, Jimmy? Let’s get going.”

Later that week there were reports of an unidentified flying object being seen in the night sky. Government sources said that the object had been destroyed when it had failed to respond to all radio communication.



A short story for this week’s prompt at Flash fiction For Aspiring Writers.


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