Fashionable Pets

“Oh Melanie, what a quaint little creature! Where did you get him? I must have one. I just love the way he fits into your shoulder bag like that. And that green, mottled skin of his matches your new hair colour so beautifully. Does he have a name?”

“I know, he’s adorable, isn’t he? He did come with a name tag but it was some alien name I couldn’t pronounce so I just call him ‘Thingy’. The man in the shop said that he shouldn’t grow any taller but if he did I could take him back and swap him for a pink one. How good is that.”

“Can I stroke him Melanie? He won’t bite or anything, will he?”

“Go ahead, he’s fine. His skin was a bit dry to start with but I’ve been rubbing him down with moisturising cream every day and he feels much better. Just don’t go near his mouth, his little teeth are a bit sharp. I’m thinking of having them taken out.”

“Ooh Melanie, he feels lovely. I think he likes me. Look at the way he’s looking at me with those big eyes of his. I must have one! Did you say they did them in pink? I love pink. Where did you say you got it from?”

“The Monster Supplies Shop, just off Hackney High Street. Ask for Jimmy, tell him I sent you. You should be in luck, he told me one of them alien spaceship things crash landed only last Tuesday, so he’s got a fresh lot in. I’m sure he’ll be able to find you a pink one.”

Mike Jackson


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