A Fish Out of Water

“What you looking at girl? Never seen a fish before?”

“Seen lots of fish mister but ain’t never heard one talk before. What you doing here anyway? Shouldn’t you be in water?”

“Stupid child! Of course, I should.”

“No need to be rude Mister, I was only asking. My Dad says rude people should be ignored. I wonder if the same goes for rude fish? I think it probably does, I’m off.”

“No! Don’t go. I’m sorry. It’s being stranded here on this pier that’s making me grumpy. I’m getting a bit short of breath and this sun is starting to dry me out. If you could help me back into the water I’d be extremely grateful.”

“It depends. How heavy are you? ‘Cos my Dad says I’m not big enough to lift heavy things.”

“I’m 14 pounds, give or take a few ounces. If you can’t lift me, just drag me to the edge and push me over the side. Please.”

“Pa! This one says he’s 14 pounds, is that big enough? He sure looks tasty.”

Mike Jackson

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