The Diary


If he passed this simple test then our relationship would be a success. I’d left my diary on the coffee table, visible but not too obvious. I stood in the kitchen, putting the final touches to our meal, wondering if he would resist the temptation to open it. I walked back in and saw the diary open on the table top . He was sat in the chair arms flailing around his head desperately attempting to fight off the words as they flew from the pages. Soon they would be inside his head, controlling his mind. Then he would be mine.


My Drabble Project – Day 20, Story 58


      1. Home That We Built

        A fellow blogger introduced me to an idea of “no likes” blog, meaning if you like a post, you comment. I try to follow that path 🙂 besides, I’m still happy I discovered your blog! Your short stories have become part of my breakfast, and I take breakfast VERY seriously!


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