“I’m telling you Jimmy, she’s old and it’s about time she died.” I looked over at Grandma and it struck me that Billy might just be right. She had no idea who we were. Every time we came to see her she’d just sit in that chair, a blanket tucked around her legs, staring vacantly out of the window. She’d been like this for years and, according to the staff here, could carry on like it for years to come. I was about to answer when Grandma’s hand suddenly clutched my arm and she whispered, “Don’t even think about it.”


My Drabble Project – Day 21, Story 60


  1. mandibelle16

    This made me laugh Mike. Ands it’s awful her sons/grandsons were think about getting rid of her. People are valuable even if they need care and simply sit there. Maybe she is happy lost in her head, in memories and dreams. I’m glad she told Billy off. Thank goodness. Wonderful writes, all your short stories this month!


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