Time To Eat

“Mum says people who don’t chew their food properly come out in blotchy green spots. Then their tummy explodes. Then they die!”

“Your mum’s daft, everybody knows that. Anyway, I’m hungry. I’ve not got time to waste chewing my dinner.”

“Well Jagar, don’t blame me when you get covered in spots and explode into a million pieces.”

“Stop going on Leyla. Do you want some of this meat or not?”

Leyla felt like saying no, but she was hungry. They’d spent all morning tracking down this young human. She snatched the leg from Jagar and walked off to eat alone. Despite her hunger, she remembered her mother’s warnings and chewed the meat slowly.

As the blood dribbled down her chin she heard a noise behind her. Turning slowly she saw Jagar on the ground, covered in green spots with a large hole in his stomach.

She returned to her meal and chewed even slower.

Mike Jackson


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