The Coldest Night of The Winter

“It’s freezing out there Jimmy, and it’s started snowing. Why don’t we give it a miss and go down the pub instead.”

“No chance mate! The boss was insistent, said it had to be tonight, and what the boss says, we do.”

“Suppose so, but why tonight?”

“All to do with the weather Billy. Seems we’re in for the coldest night of the winter. By morning the lake will be frozen solid and will stay that way for weeks. That’s why we have to kill her tonight and get her body in that lake while we still can. You ready?”

Mike Jackson

Another 100-word story for  Friday Fictioneers.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Potter


  1. Magaly Guerrero

    Who said one had to be nice to appreciate the benefits of thinking ahead, right? Still, I do wonder if the boss has considered the fact that the cold will preserve the corpse. Maybe it’s a very deep lake… and these fellows remember to weight her down.


  2. jellico84

    One has to wonder about a mind that is able to dream up such a scenario. Great one. But, they’d better watch out for the thin ice they’ll be treading on… was that a splash I just heard?


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