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I Was Passing And Saw The Door Open

OK, I admit I was at the house. I was just passing and saw the door open and popped in. And yes I  ate the porridge and may have accidentally broken one of their lousy chairs.

Sure they were a bit angry when they came back and caught me napping in the kid’s bed, and we may have exchanged a few heated words, but you’ve got to believe me, Inspector, when I left that place they were all very much alive.

I’m telling you, as God is my witness, I know nothing about any poisoned pizza and three dead bears.

Mike Jackson

A 100-word story for this prompt at Friday Fictioneers.

Dale Rogerson

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A writer of short stories.

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  1. ‘Who said anything about poisoned pizza? Let alone three dead bears?’

    ‘Did you? Mike? Dale?’

    ‘No way Inspector’ they said in unison.

    ‘So? What do you say to that Ronnie?

    ‘Who mentioned pizza or dead anything? Go on, tell me? Who?’

    ‘Who did? Honest answer Ronnie? You did!’

    ‘Look at the screen Ron? Yes, the one in front of you. Who do you see?’

    ‘Ron? I asked you simple questions. Answer me? Please, just answer me.’

    ‘Ron is that you?’


    ‘So again, you admit you were there?


    ‘And you killed . . .

    ‘No bare bears!’


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