A Right Mess

“What have you got for me Jenkins?”

“A body sir. Splattered all over the courtyard. A right mess. Appears he fell from that wall over there.”

“Body got a name?”

“Dumpty, sir. A Mr. Humpty Dumpty. Seems he often sat up there. Liked watching the soldiers.”

“Anything else?”

“First indications are it wasn’t an accident, sir. Doc says he’s been shot. We’ll know more when the autopsy report comes through. There’s also a witness who says he saw a young girl walking away from the scene.”


“He couldn’t see her face, sir but says she was wearing a long red cloak with a hood.”

On the other side of the city Red sat at the bar in the hotel lounge sipping a gin and tonic. She smiled as she thought about the day’s events.  As planned, it had taken just the single shot. Mr. Humpty Dumpty was dead long before his fragile body hit the ground.


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