The Intergalactic Auction

The impending auction had caused quite a stir. The previous two viewing days had generated a lot of interest and there were expectations of it being a very exciting day.

The room was packed. Some were there out of curiosity, but many were genuine buyers. The media were in full attendance. As were a few dissenters who worried about certain items being taken away, or historic collections being broken up. Everybody knew these concerns would come to nothing. This sale would be dominated by money, not sentiment.

A hush fell over the gathered crowd as the auctioneer, wooden gavel in hand, made his way to the podium.

“Good morning everyone and welcome to our first intergalactic auction. You will see from your catalogue that in today’s sale we are auctioning off planet Earth. We have a number of lots and a great deal of interest, both here in the room and on the Internet. Without further delay let us begin with Lot 1 – Wales.

As you can see from the video this is a picturesque part of the planet. It has a highly unique population, speaking an ancient language. This would make an ideal acquisition to those of you out there who collect small countries. At this point can I  remind buyers there will be an extra 15% commission which guarantees transportation of this lot to any part of the Universe.

Who would like to start the bidding?”


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