Today’s Warm​ Weather Looks Set To Continue

“Dad, why are all the people out there dressed in shorts and tee-shirts? You made us put our wellies and kagools on. You said it was going to rain.”

Dad, who was up front driving the bright yellow amphibious bus, didn’t answer.

Marjory, his wife, who was sat next to him, turned around in her seat and said, “Jeremy dear, don’t worry your father while he’s concentrating on getting us through this traffic. Go and make sure your sister has got her lifejacket on and then check none of the windows are open. When you’ve done that you could start to feed the animals, there’s a darling.”

Marjory turned back in her seat and stared out of the front window at the bright sun ahead of them. She looked across at her husband, “Looks like this fine spell is set to continue dear. If it gets any warmer we may have to open a window or two. Those animals are beginning to pong a bit.”

Noah frowned. According to his calculations, the rains and flooding should’ve have started by now.


A story for this week’s photo prompt at Sunday Photo Fiction.


  1. James

    Interestingly enough, my take on the prompt also mentioned unseasonably sunny weather, but then, I took it in a completely different direction. This is the second mention of Noah and the flood in response to the prompt. My wife is Jewish and religious Jews read the Torah (Five Books of Moses) in a particular order every Sabbath. Yesterday’s reading was “Noah.”


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