My Wandering Mind a short story by Mike Jackson

My Wandering Mind

It’s a nightmare having a wandering mind, you never know where it’s going next. Which by the way is one of my favourite shops, the sales they have are fantastic. Talking of sails,  I remember seeing some great wooden ones on a windmill near here. I think I might be losing mine you know, my hearing that is. I don’t know whether it’s just because there’s so much noise around today, or maybe I’m just getting old. Which reminds me I must get myself a new fridge after Christmas, that old one of mine has been playing up for months now. Did you know that four months from now and it will be April, let’s hope it’s like last year, warm and mild? Must give my son a ring and see if he fancies going to the pub tonight for a pint of mild. We might even have a game of dominoes. I told the manager in the shop it wasn’t my fault they all fell over. He should tell his staff not to stack the boxes so high next time. Half past five, that’s the time she told me. Promised she’d pick me up dead on half past five. Old Mrs Smith next door was really upset when they told her it was dead. She loved that cat of hers. Apparently, it just ran out in front of the lorry and that was it, dead as a doornail. It must have hurt, those nails in his hands and feet, and then just left hanging there on that cross. Nobody cared. That’s who’s picking me up, my carer, nice girl, though she does talk a lot. Apparently there’s going to be a talk when we get to the church, during the carol service. That was her name you know, Carol, my wife. She died last Christmas, or was it the one before? Did you know that’s when he was born, Christ, apparently his first name was Jesus. Same name as the bloke who got nailed to that cross, trying to save the likes of you and me. So are you and me going to this carol thing or not? I’m sure Carol will have room in her car for both of us. I used to have a car once you know, a blue Mini. Somebody said the new Vicar is a lady, I wonder if she will be wearing a mini?



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