The Smell of Meat on the Turn

I was inspired to write the following after reading about Jez Burrows and his ‘Dictionary Stories’.  While reading the New Oxford American Dictionary he discovered that as well as given the definition of a word it also gave an example sentence. He started taking these example sentences from a variety of different dictionaries to create his short stories.

This one of mine is made up entirely of example sentences from the Oxford Dictionary of English app on my computer. Enjoy.

Anatoly reached inside his shirt and brought out a map, a packet of crisps, a romantic weekend for two in Paris, her long red hair, a diet high in animal fats, a fatal accident, whispers of blossoming romance, the wild angry sea, the smell of meat on the turn, hot balls of gas that became stars, unbridled lust, a bottle of pills that would make him a new man, a boat 150 feet long, the scent of freshly cut hay, one of his sophisticated London women and a small man with mischievous eyes.

He stopped to look at the view. 

Photographers crowded around him.

His throat was dry as dust. He was pale with exhaustion.

‘Where will it end?’ he cried out.



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