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She’s Home

I knew it was her the moment I saw the boots. She’d been wearing them when she disappeared, only now they looked a little more battered.

If I’m honest, her going was a blessing. She’d never been easy, even as a baby. I wanted to look for her but Bill said it was best we leave it, let her come home when she was ready.

The days turned into months then years and things were much better with her not around. Bill and I even started going out and taking holidays.

Now she’s back.

What the hell does she want?

Mike Jackson

A 100-word story for the prompt at Friday Fictioneers.

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A writer of short stories.

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  1. whew that’s one hell of a relationship! I appreciate this story because this is in most cases the norm in family relationships. I feel it is important to sit down with someone you don’t like and talk it out. Sometimes the relationship worsens yes but it’s better than pretending that you like someone when you really don’t. Most family relationships are complicated in of itself but, if you’re open and honest about it, then maybe it will lead to a better relationship.


    1. Thanks for your comments. You’re right when you say relationships can be complicated especially family relationships. It was the fact that there is never a right or a wrong way to behave when it comes to such relationships that I was trying to get across in this short tale.


    1. Who can tell why she’s returned home. One of the joys of writing such short stories is that you, as the writer, can leave the reader to interpret as they will.
      Thanks for dropping by Iain.

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  2. There’s all sorts to think about here. Should we empathise with the narrator or feel sympathy for the girl returning. Is the narrator being selfish or should we not blame her because the girl is unreasonable and hard to handle. Nice work


  3. You imply so much about the family through their behaviour. I wonder what will happen now she’s back? It takes a great deal to change the love of a parent towards their child, even when their behaviour is outrageous. I hope their reconciled, but with a more honest relationship.


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