10% Off

This is an example of our latest product. As madam is no doubt aware, government building regulations have become more stringent and heating costs are continually rising.  So it is becoming ever more important to choose the most effective thermal insulation glass. This particular model has an A rating according to the  British Fenestration Ratings Council, making it the most efficient on the market.

Then, of course, there are its other special qualities. In particular the anti-leering facility. If madam had these fitted she’d no longer need to have curtains or blinds. Anybody looking in while madam was, for example, getting undressed, would simply see her skeletal form.

For a little extra we can even make the skeletal image appear to become disjointed. Guaranteed to see off any lurking perverts.

If madam was to sign up today I can take off a further 10%  and have them fitted by Wednesday.

Mike Jackson


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