Tuesday Scribes – Week 1


Tuesday Scribes – Drabbles

Welcome to a new writing prompt.

Every Tuesday I’m planning to put material up on this post to motivate your muse. Each week there will be a writing prompt in the form of:

  • A picture. I’m planning to use some black and white photos taken from Pixabay.
  • Some ideas/suggestions as to what form your writing might take. This will take the form of a challenge.

Each week the challenge will be different. One week it might be to write a Drabble, another a piece of Twitter Fiction or an American Sentence and so on

I’m also suggesting that people joining in might further advertise this new prompt with the hashtag #tuesdayscribes

Let’s get started…

The Picture


The Challenge – Writing a Drabble

This week’s challenge is to use the picture above to write a ‘Drabble’. A drabble is a story consisting of exactly 100 words. Try to come in at exactly 100 words – if your story is 103 or 105 then the skill is to find those extra 3 or 5 words to lose.

Your title doesn’t count in the word count.

Put the stories on your own blog and link them here by clicking on the blue frog below.

Have fun!

Mike Jackson


I look forward to reading your comments

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