I’m Trained To Get Inside Your Head

Getting inside someone’s head is the easy bit, it’s what I’m trained to do. But in all the years I’ve been doing this job I’ve never come across anything like this before. OK, we all have things we’d rather forget, memories we keep locked away in the furthest recesses of our minds and digging them out can be a hell of a job for us memory investigators, but what we’ve got here boss is something a lot more complicated.

It’s as if someone has shut the gates on this person’s entire mind and then secured it with a huge padlock just to make sure. There’s not a single thought or memory floating around in there. Trust me. I’ve checked every square inch of that mind and I can’t retrieve a single memory.

I’m going to have to come back tomorrow with a specialist team and some serious equipment. Whatever it is that you want from inside this head is going to take some retrieving and, trust me, boss it’s going to cost.

locked inside my head
are the thoughts and memories
that will destroy us

Mike Jackson


  1. This must be new branch of the secret service, i guess! Maybe like hypnosis memory mining doesnt work on everyone. But the idea of there being no memories to mine is a little scary. Like your haiku at the end. Not familiar with this form so im still. Slicing and dicing mine. 😊


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