No Time for ‘Buts’ Mate

As I said in my ’30 Day Challenge’ post I’m aiming to put up a piece of writing on my blog every day for the next 30 days.

Today is Day 1 and the challenge was to write a drabble. A drabble is a 100-word story. According to Wikipedia:

“The concept is said to have originated in UK science fiction fandom in the 1980s; the 100-word format was established by the Birmingham University SF Society, taking a term from Monty Python’s 1971 Big Red Book. In the book, “Drabble” was described as a word game where the first participant to write a novel was the winner. In order to make the game possible in the real world, it was agreed that 100 words would suffice.”

So, here is my drabble:



“Peter Jones.”

“You’re late. You should’ve been here Tuesday. What kept you? When did you die?”

“This morning, I think. I remember stepping into the road then nothing.”

“Says here you should’ve been knocked down yesterday not today. Typical of that Grim Reaper, always messing up his timings. Still, you’re here now. You’re next.”

“Where am I going?”

“No idea mate. Now, I need you to pop through that hole. A bloke called Peter will process you on the other side.”


“No time for ‘buts’ mate. If I don’t get this queue sorted I’ll miss my tea. Next!”

Mike Jackson


  1. Rob

    Neat, thought provoking exemplar of wry transmedia storytelling.

    A Drabble written, spoken and illustrated to thoroughly entertaining effect.



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