What Have We Got Sergeant?

“What have we got sergeant?”

“The body’s that of a young woman, boss. Mid-twenties, been dead about 12 hours. She was also about three months pregnant”

“Any idea who she is?”

“Name’s Cinderella, boss. Seems she was engaged to be married to the Prince but he broke it off a month ago.”

“Do we know why?”

“No boss. But neighbours say she took it badly and let herself go. Then recently told them she was moving. Said someone was buying her a swanky flat.”

“Right sergeant, let’s get over to the Palace, see what the Prince knows about this.”

Mike Jackson

A 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers.

Photo courtesy of  Yvette Prior.


  1. What do you get if Prince, Cinders and M.Jackson get together … A good tale that’s what. A bit evil her being pregnant aswell 😕. An origional take on the prompt well done the man.


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