There’s a Problem With The Void

“We’ve a problem with The Void, sir.”

“What sort of problem, Jones?”

“We sent a subject in at 0800 hours, sir. Arrested for organising subversive activities against the State. He was due to spend an hour in The Void having his mind wiped. Routine stuff. Only he didn’t come out.”

“So, where is he?”

“We don’t know, sir.”

“Then close the thing down Jones and find out.”

“We can’t sir.”

“Of course you can man, just pull the bloody plug!”

“We tried sir, it didn’t work. And we’ve had a message from The Void.”

“A message from The Void! That’s impossible.”

“It appears sir, it’s not just been wiping memories, it’s been storing them as well and has started thinking for itself.”

“My God Jones, do you know what this means?”

“Yes, sir. The Void’s collected thoughts are all anti-government. Now it has just one intention – to destroy us.”

Mike Jackson

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