Marjorie’s​ Tattoos

Writing Challenge

This is Day 11 of my 30 Day Challenge.

Today’s writing task is to write two Twitter length stories (280 characters).

The first one comes in at 271 characters and 58 words and the second one at 53 words and 270 characters.

Day 11 – Two Twitter Stories


Meeting St. Peter

As I reached the end of the queue I was met by St. Peter in all his finery.

On one side of him was a set of stairs stretching up to the clouds, on the other side a set going down.

He checked his ledger, frowned and checked again.

To his surprise and mine, I was going up. 



Marjorie’s Parrot

The ladies of Acton Home for The Elderly were in awe as Marj showed them her various tattoos.

There was a gasp when she lifted her top and pointed to a picture of a small parrot just below her sagging left breast.

“Got this one,” she said, “When I was a trainee pirate.”

Mike Jackson

I look forward to reading your comments

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