Don’t Touch The Floor

They hung from two ropes, just feet from the ground. They’d been there for almost 20 minutes. Jimmy’s arms were beginning to ache.

“Remember Jimmy, whatever happens, don’t touch the floor.”

“Not sure I can hang on Freddy. My arms are really hurting. What if I drop down gently?”

“Do that and you’re a goner. This whole area is activated. Touch the ground half a dozen lasers will immediately hone in on you. You’d be disintegrated in seconds.”

“What are we going to do Freddy? I haven’t got the strength to climb back up and I can’t stay like this for much longer.”

“Just hang on Jimmy. I’ve sent a message back to HQ, hopefully, a rescue squad will be here once they’ve worked out our coordinates.”

“I don’t think we’ve got that long Freddy. Look. There’s something coming towards us.”

“Did you two boys hear me? I’ve been calling you for ages. Your teas ready. Now get down from those ropes and go and wash your hands.”

Jimmy looked across at Freddy,

“Freddy, how come your Mum didn’t get zapped by the laser guns.”

“Don’t know Jimmy, though I’ve a suspicion she may be one of the aliens.”

Mike Jackson

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