Tuesday Scribes – Week 6

Tuesday Scribes

Welcome to week 6 of the Tuesday Scribes writing prompts.

As usual, our weekly challenge comes in two parts – first a picture prompt and then a writing challenge to go with it.

The Picture


The Challenge – Write a Dialogue Only Story

This week’s challenge is to write a dialogue only story to fit with this week’s black and white photo.

Your story can’t use any narration, this includes taglines such as she said, he said etc.

When you have added your story to your blog then link it using the blue frog button below to share it with others. (If you don’t have a blog please feel free to put your story in the comments section).

Good luck and have fun!

Mike Jackson


  1. T.S. Mart

    I wanted to use the reblog button but for some reason it wants to only use my old blog site, so I didn’t use the reglog button. My attempt is up at beliedoutcastlegends.com.

    This was fun. I love dialogue. There truly is an art to it, but it’s hard to make it stand alone without beats.


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