Can You Write An Amazing Short Story In 25-Words or Less?

Tuesday Scribes – Hint Fiction

Welcome to this week’s ‘Tuesday Scribes’ writing prompts.

As usual, our weekly challenge comes in two parts – first a black and white picture prompt and then a writing challenge to go with it.

The Picture


The Challenge – Write Some Hint Fiction

hint fiction (n): A story of 25 words or fewer that suggest a larger, more complex story.

Hint Fiction is a concept thought up by Robert Swartwood. In his book ‘Hint Fiction’ (which is well worth reading) he says:

“For me, a story should do four basic things: obviously, it should tell a story; it should be entertaining; it should be thought-provoking; and, if done well enough, it should invoke an emotional response.”

“Hint fiction should not be complete by it having a beginning, middle, and end. Instead, it should be complete by standing by itself as its own little world.”

One of my favourite stories from the book which I shall include here as an example of hint fiction is by Katrina Robinson and is called ‘Visiting Hours’.

‘She placed her hand over his and pressed the pen to paper.
The signature looked shaky, but it should be enough.’

One of the tricks to hint fiction is to have a great title, which is a part of the story but doesn’t count in the 25-word count.

So, there it is. Can you now write a piece of hint fiction and you might want to write more than one, based on today’s picture prompt?

When you have added your story to your blog then link it using the blue frog button below to share it with others. (If you don’t have a blog please feel free to put your story in the comments section).

Good luck and have fun!

Mike Jackson


I look forward to reading your comments

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