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The Crack In The Wall



Peter measured the crack in the wall scribbling the measurements into a small notebook, which he tucked into his dressing gown pocket.

He put his ear to the crack. The voices seemed quieter today, more distant. His heart quickened as her gentle voice rose above the chatter.

“Peter, my dear, how are you?”

Peter didn’t reply. He never did. Unsure if the voice was real or just one of many that inhabited his head.

“Have you taken your measurements today? The opening is getting bigger, my dear, just like I said it would.”

Peter nodded but remained silent.

“Soon the gap will be large enough for my friends and I  to pass through. Then you and I can finally be together.”

How Peter longed for that moment.

“Time to go darling. You’ve a visitor.”

The voices went quiet. Peter straightened up and took a step back as his bedroom door opened.

“Good morning Mr Jones. How are we this morning? Still worried about that crack in the wall I see. I’ve had a word with maintenance. They’re sending someone down to have a look at it. Now, be a love, roll up your sleeve and I’ll give you your medication.”

Mike Jackson

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A writer of short stories.

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